zaterdag 20 februari 2010

Today's outfit

Wearing my new dress from H&M with a New Look leather drape jacket, also new! I’m a fan (only the clothing) of New Look lately: nice items, cheap and good quality.. If I compare the quality with Topshop I see not a big difference, just pay attention which material it’s made of!

I wish you all a great weekend, any plans for tonight? I’m going to have a very restful weekend, see a movie with the boyfriend and be very lazy haha.. ;)

tights: H&M
leather drape jacket: New Look
thigh high boots: Topshop
dress: H&M

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Maskenlady zei

Beautiful outfit, you look great!

Anoniem zei

Mooi zeg dat jasje! <3 en mooie combi dat zoete roze met zwart leer!

Pingu zei

Love Love Love your outfit! You look fantastic!
The combination of the romantic dress with the leather jacket and the leather overknees is AWESOME!
<3 <3 <3!!!!!!

Camilla zei

pretty dress xxCamilla


Anoniem zei


Amber zei

hele leuke look meid!!
xoox amber

Sarah zei

beautiful leather drape jacket! and I love new look


that dress is soooooo cute!

cla-sib zei

a really lovely dress. like it! like a dream!

xoxo cla

p.s. the film is fabulous!

bloomingvogue zei

I made some good experiences with New Look too. I have to look for the jacket ;) The colour of the dress makes it so romantic and cool!

Mirthe zei

Leuk jurkje!

Fashion Therapist zei

I <3 this dress and the rosette detail makes it so much cuter!

likeasmoothie zei

thank you:)
love your outfit aaand your hair!!:)

Emilie zei

Love the dress and the thigh high boots!
Have a great weekend!

Anoniem zei

thanks for commenting... those boots are sick!

Anoniem zei

thanks for your comment :)

nice dress ! :)

Ludivine zei

heel mooie outfit!


Kirsten zei

Dat jurkje vind ik echt heel mooi! Heb hem ook zien hangen maar had helaas geen geld..

Diya zei

cute jacket!!!!! I wish we had New Look here.

PS. please check out my new blog...

Dylana zei

Very pretty dress!

miss velvet bow zei

Hi! beautiful outfit

Kristiana V zei

Looovely outfit :)! I'd love to have New Look in Luxembourg :(

Answer : no, my boots are Guess rip-offs from Miss Selfridge, but they are also really hard to walk in, cause the heel is really high, and hurts my feet after half an hour of walking :/

Bohemian zei


Star-Light zei

Great Look!!

daisychain zei

I've long been a fan of new look :)

Viva La Fashion zei

hahahaha. i'm having a lazy weekend too. :)

Malu zei

Die kleur staat je fantastisch:D En de laarzen zijn echt super!


Click here to go to Malu’s Fashion!
Click here to go to Malu’s Fashion!
Click here to go to Malu’s Fashion!

Yssis zei

wauw prachtige ouftit, die laarzen staan super onder dat jurkje!

Sky with diamonds zei

That leather drape jacket is amazing! Superleuk!

Laura zei

Lovely dress, I want it!!!!

Have a nice Weekend!

The Blogster zei

prachtig jasje!
dat jurkje staat je ook goed!

cocojones zei

Such a pretty dress, really well contrasted with the black leather, and I agree, if you pay attention to the details (and have a good eye!) there are some great finds to be had in stores like that.

Ella zei

erg leuk weer! =)


Love it! Staat je prachtig meis :)
Kei gaaf jurkje

Glamour Bbey. zei

Wauw dat kleedje is super! Is hij van de nieuwe collectie?


Ansley zei

I love each piece! Especially the boots, they remind me of Catwoman. :D

Toothfairy zei

mooie combi, ben ook nog steeds fan van je overknees

Tayler zei

love that dress! its the perfect color of muted pink :)

Martha zei

Love love love your outfit. Those boots are hot and the colour of that dress is beautiful <3

Phuong zei

MOOOOOI! Jurk staat je heel goed!

Anoniem zei

great outfit!

Juliet zei

LOVE this dress!
but what I really love is all outfit!
because with the boots the dress will be amazing and cool!
just perfect!
xxx from barcelona!
have a good weekend!

moded'amour zei

heel mooi! en wat een geweldig jasje!

Anoniem zei

jou jasje is echt heel erg mooi! mooi outfit !

Random London Girl zei

Super cute outfit! I am loving New Look right now too! I bought a dress from there the other day and the quality is shockingly good!

Sasha b. zei

that jacket is so cool! It looks super light weight! How nice! Loveee those boots. I've always been afraid to wear over the knee boots and look too risque. But you make them look chic!

FashionJazz zei

So luv ur outfit!! Hope u are having a fabulous wknd!!! xx

Christina zei

Great styling, I love the colour and softness of the dress with the tough black leather. And that jacket is perfect!

Blackberry Sherbet

Couture zei

Wat een leuke outfit!


T zei

jurkje is te schattig, love love it


Wat is je jasje mooi, chick! Super outfit ook!

Angela zei

love your jacket... and your dress obviously!


Amélie zei

Your outfit is great! :)


velvet kingdom zei

very nice outfit! :)

Marta Represa zei

Ah you look really good in that outfit... Love the sweet pink dress with those killer high boots!

Anoniem zei

Mooie outfit!

echt een schattig jurkje!

Cindy Whitehead zei

Gorgeous outfit!

Danielle zei

amazing, i want to go to h&m so bad, it's been forever.

kirstyb zei

lovely outfit - that dress is fab xxxx

tess zei

love the color of your dress

thanks for checking out my blog, would you like to trade links?

L. zei

Thank you so much for your comment in my blog! ;)

I discovered your blog with Cindy of Come over the dark side whe have candy and I like it!
I love your style so rock!



This jacket is amazing! I'm seriously going to have to search when I next go there :)

main page zei

oh thx a lot:* and great blog!

Alicia zei

thanks for comment
beautiful dresses:D

Mariëlle zei

Leuke outfit! Vind die rose kleur ook erg mooi! :)

Anoniem zei

beautiful dress, I absolutely adore it! and thanks for the comment on my blog ;)

Demelza zei

Ooo dit staat je mooi :) Kleur staat je goed!

Pineapple zei

hey thanks for the coment, love your outfit and your blog ♥

Rod Pine

Carol zei

Great outfit!!!!!
Love your jacket, I don´t know this brand!!

Love, Peace and Shopping zei


La petite mariah zei

I love your blog and your style!!
i'm following you!

Audrey J. zei

i love that boots so much! hanks for visting my blog!!

Friend in Fashion zei

You look lovely! The boots are great on you :)

P.S. added you to my blog roll :)

Highdee zei

Super mooi weer Posh! Dat jurkje zocht ik al zo lang! Staat je super mooi


Terence Sambo zei

Lovely outfit :o]

Nicole Jarecz zei

following you :) thanks for you comment on my illustration blog!

simplychic zei

love it, love it, love it!!!!

Manja zei

Thank you so much for your comment!

oh I absolutely love that dress, so pretty and perfect for spring. I don't know in which part of the Netherlands you live but here it snows, then it melts, then it snows again and then it melts and so on. Vreselijk!

coy colleen zei

i love black & pink together-great outfit!

Manja zei

Wat grappig - ik woon ook in Friesland! Ik studeer en woon in Leeuwarden :)

Missy zei

i really love your dress! ¡

Dreaming my dreams zei

Vind roze je erg goed staan!!

Haha ik wil die overknee boots ook zo graag, maar moet echt even mn eerste salaris afwachten!! Cant wait :-D!!


Romany zei

Love the outfit, especially the dress!
I've always wondered how people create ballerina buns in their hair like that, it just does not work for me. I'm incredibly jealous, it's such a laidback-cool look.

JOWY zei


One Love,

Lieke zei

Echt een SUPER outfit! :D

Ddays Of Our Lives zei

The dress is really beautiful, this colour look good!

Damsels zei

i am so in love with those boots .. great dress great style zei

I so love this dress!!! You just look amazing in this outfit :)

the gorgeous zei

beautiful and hot! love the dress!

Suz zei

de schoenen van new look vind ik ook niks (als je dat wilde zeggen haha...) heb ook naar dat jurkje zitten kijken. vond m in lichtblauw ook erg schattig. ziet er weer goed uit deze combo :)

Anoniem zei

I have the same dress, I should wear it soon
thanks for stopping by & your comment, hope to see u again soon :)

Fashion Pix zei

Schattig jurkje, leuk gecombineerd met die leren overknees! En staat die leather drape jasje nog op de site of heb je hem in de winkel gekocht? Hij ziet er heel mooi uit namelijk.
Mijn overknees, ondanks een maatje te groot, lopen btw opzich best goed! Ze schuiven idd wel een beetje, maar niet heel storend. Ik ga denk ik nog een zooltje indoen en dan zullen ze wel perfect zitten. Ik koop best vaak schoenen in maat 38 terwijl ik maat 37 heb, soms moet ik schoenen echt hebben haha

Julie zei

Love the drape jacket ! (I'm looking for one too)

Fashion (

Shaminista zei

Love this jacket so much!! I missed it !

Leah zei

Lovely dress and I love the way you put everything together. :-)

JadoreVogue ♥ zei

Heel leuk, mooi jasje zeg!


loooveee het jasje!!!

CJ zei

Love pink dress and boots!
This outfit is gorgeous.

Cadie zei

love the boots

Pearl and Roses zei

Je ziet er mooi uit!
Dat jurkje is schattig.

juulia zei

OH !! This is so cute outfit ! <3
love the boots (;

Irja zei

I love your jacket :)

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